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Why do I pay for shipping every month?

Hi Zinzino

I have been paying for the monthly subscription two times now but nothing has been sent to me? I payed the Premier package i June, and still have a big and a small bottle left. I do not understand why you take the monthly subscription from my account two times now without sending anything?

Also I do not understand why there should be a shipment within the first 2-3 months as the starter kit contains two big and two small bottles, they last more than 3 months


  • Hello Stig, 

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The shipping fees have been divided into two invoices so that we can keep the shipping costs as low as possible. Your delivery is now being sent to you and you will receive both July and August products in the same package.

    It has been calculated that one 300ml bottle lasts on average one month, so the start kit should last around 2,5 months. Of course, people have different dosage (0.15ml x your body weight is the dosage one should take) so it varies how much product is consumed each month.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service

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