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What Is the GI Value in Your LeanShake?

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  • UPDATE June 14, 2019 to GI Value

    The Glycemic Index (GI) is calculated by measuring the change in the blood glucose which is triggered by eating a serving of the food to be tested that contains 50g of available carbs, against the change induced by 50g of glucose or white bread.

    The amount of available carbs in Leanshake is low: in a typical 2-scoop serving, there are 7g of dietary fiber, a carb which does not count, 5g of complex starchy carbs which count but not at 100%, and only 5g of sugars. This means that you would have to consume at least 5 servings (10 scoops) of LeanShake to be able to measure the GI.

    As no one would consume LeanShake in this way (and it would be very hard to do this in any case), it is effectively impossible to measure its GI. When the product was first designed, Dr. Paul Clayton approached a commercial lab who specialized in GI testing and they simply said they would be unable to test LeanShake, given its composition.
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