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What is Mehtyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer and Why Does Zinzino Use it in their Serum?

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  • This ingredient is very common for use in cosmetics but comes in various forms and from many suppliers.  The purpose of the ingredient is to ensure a nice and smooth serum, which spreads evenly on the skin in a thin, powder-like layer.  

     In the Zinzino Serum we use a special kind of this ingredient, that is ISO 14001 Environmental Certified and the factory is GMP Medical Grade certified. The ingredient is certified free from any: preservatives, allergens, toxins or heavy metals. This ensures the best and safest possible ingredient in the Serum. 

     There is a concern in the world about both plastic material and nano materials in personal care/cosmetic products and the effect on the environment. For example, what happens to the sea if it is rinsed of in the bathroom sink? Zinzino is aware of this and has taken that into consideration when choosing any ingredient in our Serum.  

     Our ingredient is in compliance with both the EU /FDA regulations for plastic and nano materials and the effect on the environment. It is confirmed to be safely by used in personal care/cosmetic products.  

    Choosing what is most current and the best, Zinzino continuously works on exchanging any current ingredient for a better one. As long as we can maintain the great quality of the product.

    Zinzino Customer Service
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