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What Are the Rules For Use of the Zinzino BalanceTest?

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  • The Zinzino BalanceTest is a home test kit. You can use it at home, in a conference room or in your office. It is not approved for use in public places like a hotel lobby or a restaurant. Please respect that. Before you do the test, read the instructions, watch the instructional film and give yourself plenty of time until you feel confident to test yourself.  It is recommended to use the ring finger and to take the test on the hand the individual is not using for writing. Only assist in testing if you are given permission.

    Remember to never touch the test paper to avoid contamination of the test. Help your customer to register the test code at We also recommend that you collect the test envelope from your customer and ensure that postage is added on the envelope so you ensure that the test will be sent to the test lab as soon as possible.

    Zinzino Customer Service
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