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Can your products help with child psoriasis?

My 13 years old daughter has a psoriasis. I read an article that the skin serum can help with psoriasis, especially with combination with balance oil. Is it true? Can she use skin serum on affected areas? Thanks for your reply!
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  • Hello Sara,

    Thank you for your inquiry! As you know, we are not medical professionals so we cannot say it will work or not. But, we can say that our serum does the following:
    • Hydrates and smooths the skin
    • Improves skin elasticity and strength
    • Reduces fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles
    • Reduces the size of pores
    Our oils help in this way, but nothing is a guarantee to help with psoriasis:
    • Normal brain function
    • Good for your heart
    • Good for your immune system
    Thank you for your interest in our products! Have a great day, 

    Vanessa Partner Support
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