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Vegan supplements and product information

I wonder about the vitamins and other supplements from Zinzino, are they vegan or vegetarian?
I know that two from the leanshake is not, and I want to know what the collagen is made from?
About the Xtend, Protect and Zinobiotic I have to say that the ingredients are well hidden, I would like to find it directly when you click on the product. I also imideatly want to know if the product is vegan or vegetarian?
Other companies uses often a symbol, like you do on two of the lean-shakes.

I could not find product shets on the supplement products. That would also be nice in the shop to be able to print if I like.
I would also like product sheets in Swedish, (or actually all languages), with big effort I found them in German and then in English in the archives.

I am a big fan of organic ingredients, like many of my friends and future costumers and would like some progress in your ingredients. So far I could only find the pea protein.

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  • Hello Ellinor,

    Thank you for questions and concerns regarding Zinzino and our products.  As far as our vitamins go they are not vegan or vegetarian, and outside of our Berry and Strawberry flavor in our LeanShakes they are vegetarian NOT vegan as they contain honey.  

    If you want to find the product information you just need to click on the picture and there will be tabs (such as Product Info) to inform you of our products.  If you need more help with this, you can call us on our support line +46 31 771 71 51

    We are an international company and this is why we provide so much information in other languages, to be able to see our site in your own language you can do as follows:

    1. Go to
    2. Choose your Country and Language  
    3. From there you should be able to see what you need in your own language!
    We are super excited that you are interested in our products and ways to improve your health! We feel that our products are balanced and effective in keeping our bodies running smoothly.

    Have a great day!
    Vanessa Partner Support

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