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Is Lanolin used in the Vegan Oil?

Hi there, please do tell me that lanolin is not used in the vegan oil!  If not can you please confirm what is used for the D3?

Also, I see that sunflower oil is in the vegan oil? Is that not a bit counterintuitive since we are trying to get a better balance of omega 3:6?

Thanks, Susan
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  • Hello Susan,

    Thank you for your inquiry! You can see what is in our Vegan oil on our web page:

    Zinzino BalanceOil Vegan is a synergistic blend of marine micro-algae oil, echium seed oil, extra virgin preharvest olive oil and vegan vitamin D. It safely adjusts and maintains EPA+DHA levels and the omega-6:3 balance in your body. The marine algae oil from Schizochytrium sp. contains omega-3 (EPA and DHA). The echium seed oil contains omega-3 (SDA and ALA), omega-6 (GLA) and omega-9 (OA). The extra virgin pre-harvest olive oil contains omega-9 (OA) and very high levels of polyphenols. BalanceOil supports normal brain function, normal heart function, and your the immune system. 

    Regarding the sunflower oil, we at Zinzino do not provide the sunflower oil the company making puts in a small sum of non-hydrogenated sunflower oil.

    Thank you for inquires and have a great day,

    Vanessa Partner Support

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