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How do I qualify for the Zinzino Balance App benefits?

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  • By downloading your personal Zinzino App you will get a daily reminder to take your Balance products. Every time you have taken the product you get one point. Every day you walk 7500 steps you get one more point. By collecting points you can qualify for these benefits:

    1. Freshman SILVER – Start up Level
    2. Premium YELLOW – 120 Health Points
      – Benefits: We send you a gift
    3. Progressive BLUE – 360 Health Points
      – Benefits: You receive free freight on your monthly order
    4. Advanced COBALT – 720 Health Points
      – Benefits: Promo Pack worth 100€/1000SEK, DKK, NOK
    5. Master PURPLE – 1800 Health Points
      – Benefits: Skin Serum 50 ml
    Zinzino Customer Service
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