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  • There are mainly two oxidation values (hardness) used in fats and oils, there are PV (peroxide value) and AV (anisidine value). PV measures the so-called primary oxidation products that occur early in an oxidation process, while AV measures the secondary oxidation products that occur a little later in an oxidation process.

    Totox (total oxidation products) is an international target value that describes the total oxidation value, for example both PV and AV. The formula for Totox is PV x 2 + AV. At present, no requirements are set for Omega-3 products sold in the form of oxidation, but there are so called pharmacopoeia requirements in connection with the refining of fish oil and the maximum permitted content of oxidation products after the refining process is completed.

    European Pharmacopoeia has set this value to Totox at 30, while GOED has set an upper limit of 26. This applies to fish oils. Our fish oil has PV and AV values below the limit values, which means that the Totox value is also well below 26 and 30.

    The balance products from Zinzino not only contain fish oil but are a combination product between fish oil and extra virgin oil, and Totoxvalues calculated for fish oil cannot be used as a measure of oxidation. The olive oil is extra virgin, which means that it is cold pressed and therefore has not undergone a refining process.

    This is done to retain the positive ingredients in the olive oil, which would otherwise have disappeared during such a refining process. Therefore, a direct Totox value cannot be applied to our oil, but the values are well below the specified limit values.

    The GOED fish oil standard says PV should be below 8 and AV below 20 and Totox below 26. The last time Zinzino did a measurement the PV was 1 and AV about 10. That means our Totox is at 12.

    There are some companies that sell Omega-3 and want to use lower Totox as an argument to market their product vs Zinzino. Here is an example: They claim that their product has a lower Totox value and is therefore better than Zinzino's Balance Oil. However, the fact is that lower a Totox value, for example 5 or 7 vs 12,  within the recommendation does not say anything about a product's health effect. Therefore, one cannot argue that this is  much better - neither concrete nor physiological. So a lower Totox value of 5-7 does not directly produce better health effects. There is no documentation on this and no studies on it.

    If something else was to be said or a study done, of course we would investigate that and act accordingly.

    High Totox value is a description of a rancid oil, which can lead to poor taste and possibly melt after use, and it usually occurs only far above the pharmacopoeia requirements. Part of Linda Saga's doctoral degree was about oxidation in plant oils and fish oils and she believes this is only important when exceeding the recommendation for GOED's standard. Nor has she found anything in professional literature that suggests this should be important.

    We are very pleased with a fish oil that today has a Totox of 12, but will certainly continue to reduce it further in the future.  It is possible for us to buy oil from suppliers other than Lysi, but at the moment we are very satisfied and only a marketing gimmick would make us change. Our close to 400,000 tests, the results the tests show, the uptake rate of our oil, in addition to the thousands of testimonies we have heard, are enough to make us very confident in what we do.

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